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  • endorsed 2014-05-28 18:30:58 -0400

    Challenge 2 - Measure Your Waste

    Knowing how much waste you produce will help you identify how it can be reduced!

    • Use Tool #1 OR Tool #2 below to calculate the approximate garbage your household creates in a year.
    • Enter your calculated household waste per year in the comment box below to complete the challenge.

  • answered 2014-05-28 18:27:10 -0400
    Q: 4 - What do you hope to get from the Waste Free Challenge?
    A: I would like to discover ways to be more efficient in waste management – less packaging. Would really like to see less plastic packaging that cannot be recycled.

    Challenge 1 - Waste Free Survey

    The Waste Free Challenge is 10 simple steps that anyone in Toronto can take.
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