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    yes I did.

    I also suggest that we don’t just encourage people to buy in bulk stores. Local greengrocers sell without a lot of packaging. That means you buy loose – e,g, mushrooms, so you get the amount you want whch may be less than the packaged. Its also lasts longer – can keep in a reused paper bag / paper towel etc. No need to buy salad in plastic covered containers or cukes covered in plastic.

    If you need a bad for mushrooms – keep bags in your shopping bag. Local shopkeepers will love you. You save them too!!!

    Challenge 8 - Send Packaging Packing

    Mushrooms_bulk_vs_packaged_-_EAlfred.jpgSend Your Packaging Packing

    Too much packaging, wrapping, padding and stuffing comes with most products today. Most of it isn't necessary and is really just a way for companies to advertise. The worst part is that a lot of packaging isn't recyclable in your Blue Box!

    Take a look at the things you buy - is there an alternative with less packaging or recyclable packaging?

    For example, you can buy food in bulk stores to avoid food packaging.


    • Avoid products with excessive packaging, or non-recyclable packaging, or Change what you buy to avoid packaging and tell us about it

    • Snap a photo and share your story


    Take the extra step:
    Sign our petition to ask companies to stop using non-recyclable materials and to stop offloading the cost of disposal to cities. Click here to sign the petition.

    Read TEA's report on how companies can take responsibility for their product and packagin waste, including great examples of Ontario companies that are already doing it!

    Buying food in Bulk


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    Q: 4 - What do you hope to get from the Waste Free Challenge?
    A: reduce stuff coming into the

    Challenge 1 - Waste Free Survey

    The Waste Free Challenge is 10 simple steps that anyone in Toronto can take.
    Tell us about you, and why you are taking the Challenge!

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